We Build Saddles & Repair Roofs For Added Protection

Quality chimney flashing can go a long way towards preventing leaks where the roof and chimney meet, but water can still dam up behind a chimney and lead to damage. If water continues to pool on one side of your chimney, we can help. We build saddles and repair roofs for added protection against chimney leaks.

What Is A Saddle?
A saddle roof or saddle, also commonly known as a cricket, is an angled ridge that works to direct any rain or snow away from and around the chimney stack. Saddles are typically installed on the high side of the chimney, which is an area that is particularly susceptible to pooling water and piling snow. Unfortunately, moisture gets stuck in these places and wears down the flashing, roofing, and masonry, causing damage and water problems. But with a saddle, that’s no longer an issue. Once a saddle is installed, any moisture that falls in this area will be diverted to the sides of the chimney and off of the roof.

We Install Saddles Of All Sizes
We install saddles of all sizes, and will evaluate your chimney to determine what size saddle is needed. Once we’ve determined size and angle, we’ll construct and install a saddle that will effectively divert water around your chimney. Smaller saddles may simply be flashed with metal, but you’ll likely want to have larger saddles covered with shingles so they blend in with the roof itself.

We’ll Take Care Of Your Roof & Your Flashing & Give Your Chimney The Protection It Deserves
If the chimney flashing and roof on the high side of your chimney could use some repair and a little extra help, call Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services. We’ll repair your damaged flashing and roof, and install a quality, expertly architected saddle.

Once the saddle is in place, we’ll cover it with shingles for seamless, attractive water protection.

Call Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services and schedule your next roofing or gutter service today! Call 248-646-8970

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