Leave Smoke Chamber Repairs To Us!

The smoke chamber of the chimney doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of the chimney system. This inverted funnel shaped area sits up above the firebox and is designed to encourage the smoke and byproducts produced by the fire to swiftly move to the flue and exit through the top of the chimney.

As you can imagine, being just above the fire, time after time, year after year, can be tough. In fact, the corrosive byproducts of combustion paired with the extreme temperatures of the fire can leave smoke chambers riddled with holes, cracks, and jagged edges. And when this happens, the smoke chamber is no longer efficient or safe.

Jagged edges and surfaces slow down smoke and byproducts on their way up and out of the chimney, which can lead to smoke backing up into the home and creosote forming along the smoke chamber and flue. Additionally, cracks and holes in the smoke chamber can allow heat to transfer to nearby framing and combustibles, and carbon monoxide to enter the air supply.

But if your smoke chamber has become more of a hazard than a help, we can repair it for you.

Our technicians use ChamberGuard and Guardian S.C.R. to repair and restore smoke chambers. Both products are produced by Firesafe Industries, a company committed to “safer chimneys through science and innovation.”

ChamberGuard – ChamberGuard is a refractory material that can be applied to smoke chambers for a stronger, smoother, more durable surface. This product is great for parging smoker chambers smooth and is applied to jagged edges to restore draft and encourage air flow. Because of its insulating properties, you can expect ChamberGuard to leave you with a safer chimney that is less conducive to heat transfer. Not only is this product incredible effective, but it carries a 25-year limited guarantee.

Guardian S.C.R. – Guardian S.C.R. is a smoke chamber restoration system that combines ceramic and refractory materials for optimum performance. This system is great for restoring smoke chambers with corbelled steps that simply aren’t conducive to swift air flow, and provides a new cast-in-place surface that is only 1” thick. With the added structural strength and insulating power of the Guardian S.C.R., you can rest assured no heat will transfer from your smoke chamber to any nearby framing or other combustibles within the surrounding walls. If your smoke chamber was poorly constructed, Guardian S.C.R. is the system for you.

To request an appointment to have your chimney’s creosote removed, please call us at 248-646-8970  We’re here to help.

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