We Offer Wood Stove Installation Services

The classic look, crackling charm, and bone-warming heat of a wood stove is unlike anything else. For many homeowners – those who love building the fire, stoking the fire, and listening to the crackle and pop of the flames – there’s just no contest. It’s wood or nothing at all. And for those homeowners, we have good news.

Modern wood stoves bring with them all the perks of yesteryear’s wood stoves, without the guilt and high emissions of the stoves of old. You’ll still enjoy large viewing areas to watch the dancing flames and red hot logs, as well as the quaint charm and classic look of the stove itself. But thanks to advances within the stove industry, modern wood stoves provide more complete combustion, meaning less creosote creation and lower emissions. In other words: you’ll get more heat and longer fires from less wood, and you’ll be able to put your environmental concerns to rest.

Regency Wood Stoves Are EPA Approved & Homeowner Approved
Here at Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services, we proudly install Regency wood stoves, which are among the best in the industry. Available in small, medium, and large options, these Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and certified stoves are able to effectively and efficiently heat both large and small spaces, without sending record levels of emissions into the atmosphere.

Regency stoves also come equipped with auto blowers to evenly distribute heat throughout the space, air wash systems to keep your glass looking clean and your view of the fire unmarred, and large viewing areas that put the viewing areas of yesteryear’s stoves to shame. Whether you choose a small, medium, or large model, you can expect long burn times, radiant heat (partially due to the ceramic glass), and hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Of course, all Regency stoves carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Ready to enjoy a new Regency wood stove in your home?

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