Shopping For A Gas Stove? We Provide Expert Gas Stove Installation Services

For the homeowner who loves the charm that only comes from a stove, but longs for a cleaner-burning, more convenient option, modern gas stoves are the answer. Today’s gas stoves bring all the convenience of gas, while allowing homeowners to evoke that timeless sense of charm and ambiance that a stove brings to just about any space.

Although the most discerning of homeowners may have skipped over the gas stoves of old due to their inauthentic-looking logs, today’s gas stoves deserve a second look. Modern gas logs are typically created from real log castings and hand-painted for a more natural appearance. Glowing embers and realistic yet controllable flames add to the realism, beauty, and charm of a modern gas stove. But the perks of gas stoves don’t stop there.

Modern gas stoves are highly efficient, clean-burning machines with the ability to provide the heat you need with all the convenience you long for. Forget about building the fire, stoking the fire, and waiting for it to die out at the end of a night or before you head out the door for another meeting. Simply flip a switch or push a button and your fire is on or off just like that.

We Proudly Install Regency Stoves, The Industry’s Finest
Here at Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services, we’re proud to provide Regency gas stove installation services to our customers throughout Warren, MI and the neighboring communities.

Regency gas stoves are an excellent option for efficiently heating your home with minimal maintenance and effort. Available in an array of sizes and heat outputs, Regency stoves are valued for their beauty and convenience, as well as their comprehensive Limited

Lifetime Warranties.
Whether you’re looking for a classic cast iron option or something a bit more modern in appearance, Regency has a gas stove that’s sure to please. These direct-vent stoves allow you to heat virtually any room in your home without the costly expense of building a chimney, which is great news for those looking to add heat and charm to a master bathroom, guest room, or office.

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