Is Glazed Creosote Putting You At Higher Risk Of House Fire?

Chimney sweepings are an important part of annual maintenance regardless of which type of fuel’s being vented. But sweepings are absolutely imperative for chimneys that vent wood or other fossil fuels like coal and oil. Each of these fuels produces creosote, which is a highly flammable, tar-like substance that settles along the interior of the chimney system. If creosote isn’t removed, it can greatly increase the risk of house fire and restrict the movement of air through the chimney, leading to efficiency and safety issues.

When chimneys aren’t annually swept, creosote buildup can go from bad to worse. Each layer that’s created settles on top of the previous layer, resulting in thick, stubborn glazed creosote, which simply can’t be removed with standard chimney sweeping tools and techniques. In the past, level 3 glazed creosote has been virtually impossible to remove, which is why, up until now, it’s been virtually impossible to restore chimneys with this level of buildup. But thanks to a product known as PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover), that has changed.

Glazed Creosote Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Our PCR Chemical Creosote Removal Services

Our team has years of experience with this tough buildup, but nothing has done the job like PCR. PCR is a product specifically designed to remove glazed creosote without damaging the chimney. When applied to glazed creosote, this innovative product dissolves and absorbs the buildup, pulling it off of the flue walls and leaving you with a cleaner, safer chimney. Any residue that’s left along the flue after the PCR has dried can easily be removed with standard sweeping brushes. Thanks to this revolutionary product, we’ve been able to restore chimneys that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Get Your Chimney Winter-Ready With PCR

Is your chimney system riddled with glazed creosote? Whether your glazed creosote is on an easy-to-reach area of your flue or a hard-to-reach area, we have the tools to apply PCR and remove every last bit of glazed creosote and restore your chimney to optimal safety and efficiency.

To request an appointment to have your chimney’s creosote removed, please call us at 248-646-8970  We’re here to help.

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