Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Are Built To Last & Last


Dryer Vents Cleaning
Did you know that the leading cause of house fires is not chimneys and fireplaces? Dirty dryer vents account for thousands of house fires annually and result in as much as $35 million in total property loss. If you find these statistics surprising, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are unaware of the fire risk that accompanies clogged and neglected dryer vents.
Masonry Repairs & Restoration
As professional masons with 20 years of masonry experience, there’s no masonry job too big, too small, or too tough for us. We have the tools and knowledge of techniques to provide the most beautiful and long-lasting masonry repairs possible, whether we’re working on a new chimney or an historic chimney.
Roofing & Gutter
Water damage can be costly and devastating, no matter where it is. But those of us here at Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services are committed to making your water problems a thing of the past – not just for your chimney, but for your whole home. That’s why we proudly build saddles, repair roofs, and clean and repair gutters for our customers throughout Warren, MI and the neighboring communities. Our goal is to make caring for your chimney and home and keeping it free of moisture easy and affordabl

When it comes time to reline your chimney, there are a few different options to choose from – but it’s hard to beat stainless steel. Stainless steel liners are by far the most durable and versatile options.
Stainless Steel Is Long-Lasting. Stainless steel is an incredibly strong material. Most stainless steel liners carry a lifetime warranty when professionally installed and maintained, which is certainly not the case with other options like aluminum.

Stainless Steel Can Safely Vent All Fuels. Another thing that makes stainless steel liners superior to other options is that they’re approved for venting use with all fuel types, including wood, gas, oil, and pellet. Aluminum liners, on the other hand, cannot handle the heat and corrosive byproducts produced by some fuels, like wood.

Because stainless steel is so durable and versatile, when you choose to reline with stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about relining should you choose to swap fuel types down the line. As long as your appliance doesn’t require a different size liner, your existing liner will do, regardless of which fuel you switch over to.

Have An Odd Shaped Chimney? Not A Problem With A Stainless Steel Liner
Have an odd shaped chimney? Both flexible and rigid stainless steel liners are available, which is great news for homeowners with uniquely shaped chimneys with turns and odd angles. Stainless steel liners are also available in a variety of sizes, which is great for those who need to have their flue resized to better vent their appliance.

We’ll Have Your New Stainless Steel Liner Installed In No Time
If your existing liner is damaged and needs to be replaced, or you need to resize your flue for better efficiency, stainless steel liners are well worth the investment. Regardless of the shape or size of your chimney, we can slip in a new stainless steel liner that will serve you for years and years.

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