We Can Repair Your Tile Liner With The Power Of HeatShield

For decades upon decades, clay tile liners were the trusted choice for lining chimneys because of their durability and affordability. But even the most durable clay tile liner can develop cracks and holes after years of exposure to extreme heat and corrosive byproducts. In the past, when cracks, gaps, and receding mortar joints rendered tile flue liners ineffective and unsafe, they were simply replaced with a new metal liner. But thanks to HeatShield®, that’s no longer your only option.

HeatShield® is a cerfractory flue sealant system developed by CeCure® Chimney Systems. This revolutionary system has made it possible to restore damaged, cracked, and deteriorating clay tile liners that would otherwise be deemed inefficient, ineffective, and dangerous. The product can address everything from minor cracks here and there to damage from top to bottom.

Flue Liner Joint Repair – When a video inspection reveals a few cracks or receding mortar joints along the flue, it can seem unnecessary to replace the entire liner, but unsafe to just let it be. That’s where HeatShield’s joint repair system comes in. Our team of certified HeatShield installers will use a foam applicator blade that is custom-fitted to your chimney flue to apply the HeatShield mixture to any cracks or receding joints. We’ll then go over the repaired area with the foam applicator to make sure the product has sufficiently filled the void or crack and that the resulting surface is smooth and even. Afterwards, we’ll perform a video inspection to check our repairs.

Flue Liner Resurfacing – Clay tile liners can be structurally strong, even when the surface is rough and in need of repair. If your tile liner is in this category, we can simply resurface the liner with the HeatShield resurfacing system. We start by prepping and priming the walls of the flue with a “tie coat”, which is applied by a foam applicator plug that is pulled along the flue from bottom to top. Once the tie coat has adequately dried, we apply the HeatShield sealant to proper thickness, pull the foam applicator plug from top to bottom, and create a smooth, fresh flue surface that will keep smoke and heat contained. As we do with the flue liner joint repair, we’ll finish by checking our work via video inspection.

HeatShield Relining – If your clay tile liner is in need of more structural support and repair, we also offer the HeatShield sleeve relining system. This system combines the power of the cerfractory sealant with the added strength of stainless steel and ceramic. We begin by applying a layer of the cerfractory sealant using our foam applicator plug, which is pulled from bottom to top. Next, we insert a CeCure stainless steel and ceramic sleeve down into the flue and pull the applicator plug back down. This step is to press the sleeve into the first layer of HeatShield sealant and make sure it’s secured in place. Finally, we apply another coat of the cerfractory sealant, this time to the sleeve, so that it is sandwiched between the two layers of sealant. Once we’re finished, we check the system with a video inspection.

If your clay tile flue liner needs repairs, give Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services. We’ll inspect your system and let you know whether HeatShield is the best option for restoring your tile liner.

To request an appointment, call us at 248-646-8970

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