We Offer Several Long-Lasting & Effective Chimney Relining Options

If you love the warmth of your fireplace or stove and couldn’t imagine Michigan winters without it, you can thank your chimney liner. Without a chimney liner to properly contain and vent the smoke and byproducts produced by the fire, enjoying a fire inside your home would be impossible.

For decades upon decades, clay or terra cotta tiles were used to line chimneys – a popular choice, as tiles are both affordable and effective. But when these types of liners undergo damage, replacing tiles can be difficult and messy. Luckily, there are options for relining or your restoring your chimney so you can enjoy the warmth of your stove or fireplace, without missing a beat.

Our Relining & Resurfacing Options

Here at Ground to Crown Chimney & Fireplace Services, we’re proud to offer our customers the following options:

Stainless Steel – A stainless steel liner is an excellent choice if your clay tile liner has reached the end of its service life. Durable, incredibly long-lasting, and approved for venting use with all fuel types, stainless steel is well worth the investment. Plus, installation is quick and won’t make a mess of your home. Read more about relining with stainless steel.

HeatShield® – HeatShield is a cerfractory sealant system that offers homeowners three different applications for three different restoration situations. Whether you need your receding mortar joints repaired and resealed, your entire flue resurfaced, or the added strength of a ceramic and stainless steel sleeve, HeatShield is the answer. Learn more here.

FireGuard – FireGuard is a ceramic system that holds the industry’s highest temperature rating and uses pinpoint vibration to achieve consistent, solid results. This amazing system can be used to repair mortar joints or resurface the entire flue, without changing the diameter of the flue itself, which could negatively impact draft and appliance performance. Learn more about what makes FireGuard a great choice.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your chimney cleaned and your system is lined with glazed creosote that’s built up over the years, we can help with that as well! We specialize in glazed creosote removal and use revolutionary products designed to remove creosote, without damaging your stainless steel or flue tile liner.  Call Us Today to Learn more about PCR Chemical Creosote Removal 248-646-8970.

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