If Flashing Is Your Problem, We Can Help.

The area where the chimney exits the roof of the home is an area particularly vulnerable to water penetration, which is why it’s the source of many chimney leaks. Without proper protection, there’s really no way to keep water out of these joints – but that’s where flashing comes in.

What Is Flashing & What Does It Do?

Chimney flashing refers to the layers and layers of metal sheets that are strategically installed along the chimney and roof where they meet to provide a seal and prevent water intrusion. Ideally, flashing will be made of high-quality, durable metal that is able to resist rust and corrosion, season after season. When properly installed, flashing should be flat and smooth with minimal nail holes. You may not give it much thought, but nail holes provide a place for water to gather and eat away at the metal. The more holes there are, the greater the chances of water penetrating and causing a leak.

Additionally, the flashing should be free of any areas that might encourage water to gather and pool. If strong winds, animals, or loose branches dent the flashing or raise it in any way, water will either gather in these dents and eat away at the metal, or slip under the raised sections of flashing. Both options can quickly lead to a devastating chimney leak.

Causes Of Flashing Failure

Although improper flashing installation is oftentimes the reason for flashing failure, it’s not the only cause, which is why you should have your flashing inspected on an annual basis. During a flashing inspection, we’ll check to see:

  • If any strong winds have lifted or dented your flashing
  • If any animals have lifted or dented your flashing
  • If your flashing has rusted through or has any nail holes that may be allowing water in
  • Your flashing has shifted or been compromised as a result of house settling

Because flashing is layered along the base of your chimney and your roof, you’ll also want to have your flashing inspected if you’ve had a new roof put on your home.

If an inspection reveals that your flashing is putting your chimney at risk of leak or water is already making its way into your home, we can offer a fast, effective, and affordable solution.

Our technicians are trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and have extensive experience installing flashing properly and promptly. We can make sure your chimney is properly protected so you can put chimney leak worries to rest.

To request an appointment, call us at 248-646-8970

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